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Great Barrington couple Brandon and Sandy Pantorno. Photo by Ted Remsnyder.

We asked local residents what impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on their daily routines. Here are their responses.

Debbie Greene, Great Barrington: “I’m celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday at home. We were planning on going out to dinner, but obviously we’re staying home. I’m not going to my dance class; that’s been cancelled. Everything I’ve planned with friends has been cancelled. We’ve decided to wait several weeks.”

Gabriel Adams, Great Barrington: Avalanche is a new art space in downtown Great Barrington and we’re just getting started, so of course being closed is a totally unrealistic way of doing business. Fortunately we’re in between exhibitions, so it’s a time to reflect while we build up the next project. But with the sudden impact on day-to-day life, it’s definitely time to do some creative and strategic thinking.”

Kristin Grippo, Great Barrington: “I’m off from work now and I have a 4-month-old son, so I actually get to be home with my baby. So our day is just walking the baby several times a day and we’re just cleaning a lot and preparing food. Otherwise we’re just checking in with our family abroad and nearby that have compromised health systems. We’re just trying to stay responsible and stay away from people.”

Carole Bisker, Lenox: “We live in New York regularly, but we came up here to our second home, so that was the big impact. The spaces are bigger here.”

Mike Bisker, Lenox: “We’re retired, though, so luckily it doesn’t matter.”

Jim Doyle, Great Barrington: “It hasn’t changed my routine yet. I went shopping the other day and there were no hot dog rolls, which is unusual. They had toilet paper, believe it or not.”

Sandy Pantorno, Great Barrington: “I think we’re staying in more. We’re trying to get out shopping now because we feel like we have to get out now. Even walking the streets, there’s definitely a lot more anxiety with not knowing what each day might bring.”

Brandon Pantorno, Great Barrington: “We like to eat out and support the local restaurants. Now, with that element taken away from us, we’re still going to support them by getting takeaway. We believe in supporting the local restaurants and stores. But this has certainly altered our rhythm.”


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