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Legal Notices: Week of 04-12-2019

Mortgagee’s Sale of Real Estate

By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Pranav, Inc., a Massachusetts Corporation to Greylock Federal Credit Union, a federally chartered credit union, said mortgage being dated March 28, 2003 and recorded with the Berkshire County (Middle District) Registry of Deeds in Book 2503, Page 277, as affected by an assignment from Greylock Federal Credit Union to Origen Lee, LLC dated April 13, 2017 and recorded with the Berkshire County (Middle District) Registry of Deeds in Book 5953, Page 126, of which mortgage the undersigned is the present holder by assignment, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same will be sold at Public Auction at 11 a.m. on the 14 day of May, 2019, upon the mortgaged premises located at 200 Laurel Street, Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, all and singular being the premises described in said mortgage, to wit:
Beginning at a point marked by an iron pipe in the easterly side of Laurel Street, where the northerly line of land of Ransom intersects the westerly line of land hereby conveyed;
thence North 10° 10’ West along the easterly side of said Laurel Street, three hundred seventy (370) feet three (3) inches to a point marked by an iron pipe;
thence North 85° East, three hundred twenty-two (322) feet three (3) inches, more or less, to a point in the westerly line of land of the Town of Lee, marked by a stone bound;
thence South 22° East along the westerly line of said Town of Lee, three hundred seventy-eight (378) feet six (6) inches, more or less, to a point marked by an iron pipe in the northerly line of land of said Ransom;
thence South 83° 45’ West along the northerly line of land of said Ransom four hundred three (403) feet six (6) inches, to the place of beginning.
Also hereby conveying all the right, title and interest, if any, of the grantors herein to any land that may lie between the westerly line of the premises hereby conveyed and the easterly line of said Laurel Street.
Excepting from the within described premises the easement granted to the Town of Lee for common sanitary sewer purposes as described in deed dated February 28, 1975 and recorded in the said Registry of Deeds in Book 958, Page 599.
Said premises are as shown on Plan entitled “Property Plan F. Dupont-Lee, Mass. Scale 1” = 30’ Mar. 1952, Louis A. Airoldi”, which Plan is recorded in the Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds in Book 417B, Page 106.
For title see deed recorded with the Berkshire County (Middle District) Registry of Deeds in Book 2503, Page 274.
Said premises are to be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all mortgages, restrictions, easements, improvements, outstanding tax titles, municipal or other public taxes, assessments, federal and state tax liens, other liens and existing encumbrances of record created prior to the mortgage, if there be any, outstanding water and​/​or sewer charges, to covenants, rights, reservations, conditions and​/​or other enforceable encumbrances of record created prior to the mortgage, to all tenancies and​/​or rights of parties in possession, and to rights or claims in personal property installed by tenants, former tenants, or others now located upon the premises, and to rights or claims of others now located upon the premises, if any of the aforesaid there be.
Said premises will also be sold subject to all laws and ordinances, including but not limited to zoning, applicable Massachusetts or local building and​/​or sanitary codes, and statutory requirements with respect to smoke detectors, lead paint, and rent control, as the same may be applicable. No representations express or implied, are made with respect to any matter concerning the mortgaged premises, which shall be sold “as is”.
Together with all easements, rights, royalties, mineral, oil and gas rights, all improvements, including but not limited to portable or sectional buildings, at any time placed upon said premises and all heating apparatus, furnaces, oil burners, fuel containers, and conveyers and burners, ranges, heaters, hot water heaters, pipes, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, air conditioners, gas and electric fixtures, screens, screen doors, storm dorms and windows, shades, refrigerators, refrigerating and ice making apparatus, mantles, awnings, elevators, alarm systems, garbage incinerators, boilers, sprinklers, fire alarm and extinguishing equipment and systems, all motors, equipment, wiring, tubing, ducts, conduit, casements, and enclosures, in connection with any of the foregoing, and also all other fixtures of whatever kind and nature at present, or hereafter placed, or installed in, or on, the granted premises prior to the full payment and discharge of the Secured Indebtedness in any manner which renders such articles useable in connection therewith, insofar as the same will, or can by agreement of parties be made a part of the realty.
Twenty-Five Thousand and No​/​100 ($25,000.00) Dollars in cash or certified or bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check at the time and place of the sale by the purchaser, 10% of the purchase price must be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check within seven (7) business days after the date of sale (inclusive of the $25,000.00 deposit) and the balance of the purchase price must be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check within thirty (30) days after the date of sale and shall be deposited in escrow with Jack J. Mikels, Esq., Jack Mikels and Associates, LLP, 1 Batterymarch Park, Suite 309, Quincy, MA 02169. The deed shall be delivered within thirty (30) days of receipt of the balance of the purchase price, said receipt being the only condition of escrow. The successful bidder shall be required to sign a Memorandum of Sale containing the above terms at Auction Sale. In the event of a typographical error or omission contained in this publication, the description of the premises set forth and contained in said Mortgage shall control.
Origen Lee, LLC,
Present holder of said mortgage
By its Attorney-In-Fact
Jack J. Mikels
Jack Mikels & Associates, LLP
1 Batterymarch Park, Suite 309
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 472-5600
Daniel P. McLaughlin & Co.
1 New Chardon Street
Boston, MA 02671
(617) 646-1019
4.12,4.19,4.26Town of Alford
Conservation Commission
Notice of Public Hearing

Under provisions of MGL Chapter 131, section 40, a public hearing will be held at the Alford Town Hall on April 17 at 7:30 p.m. The purpose is the filing of a Notice of Intent by Robert Strassler to dredge a pond at 102 West Road, Alford.
Henry Flint
for the Conservation


The Board of Selectmen will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. on the application of Franz Chan, Zipbox, Inc., Owner for approval of a Special Permit under Section 199-9.11 Marijuana Establishment, 199-5 Intensity Regulations; 199-8 Off Street Parking; 199-12 Environmental Performance Standards from the Town of Lee Zoning Bylaws. The proposal is to locate a Marijuana Establishment for the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis. The cannabis will be sold to licensed marijuana establishments in Massachusetts. The property affected is located at 715 Columbia Street, in the Industrial Zoning District (Assessors Map 8, Lot 55).
Any person interested or wishing to be heard should appear at the time and place designated. If unable to attend please submit comments in writing to the Lee Board of Selectman at 32 Main Street, Lee. Failure to make recommendations on the matter for review shall be deemed lack of opposition thereto. A copy of the application is available for review in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Patricia Carlino
4.11, 4.​18

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