Confirmed cases of coronavirus in county rises to 23; Statewide death toll rises to 9

There are now nine confirmed deaths from a coronavirus-related illness and nearly 800 confirmed cases of those with the virus in the commonwealth, according to an afternoon report released by the state Department of Health.

Over the weekend, the Department of Health (DPH) announced that three additional men had died from the novel coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths in Massachusetts to five. Two of the men were in their 70s, one residing in Berkshire County and the other in Hampden County; and the the third man was in his 90s and resided in Suffolk County. The Berkshire County man was reported to have an underlying health condition, but all three men were in an age group that is more likely to experience severe, according to DPH.

Middlesex County continues to have the most confirmed cases of any other county in the commonwealth with 232.

The largest age group affected is those between the ages of 40 and 49 with 152 confirmed cases.

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