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Home Breaking News Bomb threat at Mt. Everrett; students brought to Berkshire School immediately

Bomb threat at Mt. Everrett; students brought to Berkshire School immediately

Students evacuate from Mt. Everett.

Students evacuate from Mt. Everett.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this story misstated Egremont Police Chief Erik Josephson’s role at the scene. He alerted Mary Brazie about the situation at Mt. Everett and assisted the Sheffield police at the scene.
SHEFFIELD — Early Friday morning a bomb threat was reported to Mt. Everett Regional High School and students were whisked away in buses to nearby Berkshire School. Earlier in the morning, parents received word from the school district and superintendent Beth Regulbuto that a bomb threat was called into the school. It is unclear, as of right now, whether the threat is credible or not. State Troopers on scene declined to speak on the issue.
According to a press release received by the superintendents’s office, “There was a report of a potential bomb threat at the Sheffield Campus.  All students have been evacuated and are headed to Berkshire School in accordance with our Evacuation Procedures.”
At the entrance of the high school were state troopers and members of the school administration. Students were led in a single-file line out to Berkshire School Road and then they boarded buses. Students did not seem worried, in fact, one group was singing “Happy Birthday” to one of the students. The students were calm and orderly and boarded the buses slowly and without incident.

Berkshire Record reporters attempted to gain access to the school’s campus but were
denied by state troopers.
State troopers said, “We can’t let anyone in right now, we’re still working on getting everyone out.”

At Berkshire School, the Mt. Everett High School buses brought students to the gymnasium on the top of campus where students were left off. Some parents picked up their students at Berkshire School.

One parent said, “I came as soon as I heard they were being brought to Berkshire. I’m bringing my kids home right now.”

Select board member and town officer administrator for the town of Egremont, Mary Brazie said that Egremont government heard about the bomb threat from Egremont police chief Erik Josephson just before 11 a.m. 

As over about noon, according to the Egremont police department office administrator, “Chief Josephson has been over there for over an hour.”

When asked whether the bomb threat was credible, she said she did not know.
School was dismissed for the day and when all students have been relocated to Berkshire School, the buses will return the students to their home via their normal route at an unreleased time.All after school activities on the Sheffield campus of Mt. Everrett have been cancelled for the day.Parents can call (413) 229-8778, ext. 158 in the event of an emergency.
UPDATE 1:34 P.M. NOV. 30:

Chair of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District (SBRSD) school committee, E. Bonnie Silvers said that all students and staff have been accounted for and no one was hurt.

“The parents were all informed about the threat and that school would be closed,” said Silvers.

The emergency procedure for an event like this was followed, Silvers said. The Mt. Everett protocol is to bring the students to Berkshire School, which is what happened soon after the kids were evacuated.

Currently, the students have been sent home via buses and all after school activities have been cancelled. The students who drive themselves to school will have the opportunity to pick up their vehicles at a later time. Those who drive to school will be brought home by the buses.

The students and staff had practiced the emergency evacuation procedure earlier this school year, according to Silvers.

“There were no problems, our kids and staff had gone through the routine many times before. It’s one of the systems that has been in place for years, there’s a security set up and protocol in place,” Silvers said.

Silvers did not have any information about the threat itself or who made the threat, and said that information would be released probably sometime early next week by the superintendent and the police.
The priority is for parents and everyone in the school community to have all of their questions answered, Silvers said.
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