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The Berkshire Record features a full range of newspaper advertising opportunities. Display ads may be purchased throughout the newspaper on a per issue basis or a long-term agreement. All advertising is subject to the Berkshire Record advertising terms and conditions.



Our regularly updated website is a powerful medium to connect with any device. End users access the site regularly to gain helpful news and information and return on a regular basis. Website advertising offers maximum return for low monthly fees.



Social Media is a very powerful tool. We share our presence on Twitter and Facebook with our clients to give them maximum exposure in front of a varied and growing audience that is plugged into our communities.



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Why Advertise In The Berkshire Record?

  • Our readers are well- connected to the community and their average median household income is 55% higher than the county average and research shows that these consumers tend to support locally owned business
  • The Berkshire Record publishes a weekly, award winning newspaper that covers local news, arts, features, sports and other pertinent local news and information for first and second homeowners in Southern Berkshire County
  • Berkshire Record engaged readers are your potential customers, and are reliable consumers. Research has shown that people who are connected and are engaged in their community are more likely to become loyal consumers.
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“The Berkshire Record is the one paper in Berkshire County that people read from cover to cover.”
George Ball,
President of
George Ball Advertising


“The Berkshire Record has been a great tool for us here at Domaney’s in growing our business. I would recommend it to anybody. The employees are wonderful and their level of professionalism is hard to beat.”
Ed Domaney,
Owner of Domaney’s Wines and Liquors


“The Berkshire Record and Courier have not only been a great form of advertising but they have also been a partner with Berkshire Functional Fitness in helping to bring Wellness to our Community.”
Antoine Alston,
Owner of Berkshire Functional Fitness