About Us

The History:
The Berkshire Record was first published by Limestone Enterprises in the summer of 1989 to serve the residents and non-residents of Southern Berkshire County with objective local weekly news, arts and entertainment, local sports and other pertinent area information. Over the last 30 plus years, the Record has won many statewide awards for journalism, news, photos, illustrations, humor, sports and first amendment writing. The newspaper has continued to grow in popularity, the Record remains the trusted voice of the communities that make up Southern Berkshire County.

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The Berkshire Record today:
Covering several communities including Great Barrington, North and South Egremont, Lee, Lenox, Stockbridge, Sheffield, New Marlborough, West Stockbridge, Otis, Monterey, Richmond, Becket, Richmond, Sandisfield, Mount Washington and Alford, the Record continues to grow in popularity and circulation. Focused on the local community as print-centric news organization, the Berkshire Record is the oldest news source in South County. The Record also publishes a quarterly magazine called The Berkshire Record Magazine which publishes a Best issue as well as two very popular Summer Guides.

Physical Address:
The Berkshire Record
21 Elm Street
Great Barrington, Mass 01244

Mailing Address:
The Berkshire Record
P.O. Box 868
Great Barrington, Mass 01230