Two housing authority members accused of open meeting violation

GREAT BARRINGTON — Complaints of alleged open meeting violations have fueled the divisiveness among the four-member Housing Authority.

A formal complaint against two board members was filed on Tuesday, Oct. 1, alleging them of stalling the procedures of prior meetings.

Madonna Meagher, assistant to the executive director of the Housing Authority, is accusing board members Eileen Mooney and Jackie Sinico of intentionally not approving the minutes of past meetings in a timely fashion.

“The Great Barrington Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is not approving draft minutes of previous meetings in a timely manner as required by Mass General Law,” Meagher said. “I believe the stalling of timely approval of these draft minutes is intentional by Ms. Mooney and Ms. Sinico who vote as a bloc on the four-person board.”

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