The Foundry is a holding tank for emerging artists in Berkshire County

(Photo contributed) Amy Brentano, pictured above, is the new owner of the venue space, The Foundry, located at 2 Harris St. in West Stockbridge.

WEST STOCKBRIDGE — A new venue in town is bringing together emerging artists.

Amy Brentano, of Richmond, purchased the former Diana Felber Art Gallery and attached sculpture studio on 2 Harris St. earlier this year for $535,000.

Now renamed to “The Foundry,” Brentano plans to take the 3,600 square-foot space to bring together diverse artists and audiences to showcase music, visual arts, theater, educational programming and workshops, and even a farmers market, into the intimate year-round venue space.

“I want to create a holding tank for emerging artists,” she says, “A for-profit business to support emerging nonprofit artists.”

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