Student Journalists writing headlines, meet deadlines at newspaper club in Lee

LEE — A trail of clues and an investigative hunch led student-reporter David Carlino to one of his most recently published news stories.

As one of eight members of Lee Elementary School’s newspaper club, Carlino writes and publishes articles for the publication, “The Wildcat Tales”. The newspaper club, made up of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders, meets weekly to brainstorm story ideas, and to continue the editing process in their writing.

Like a seasoned watchdog journalist, Carlino’s observational and interviewing skills led him to the discovery of changes to his school’s student council this year.

“We had new student council advisors this year,” Carlino said. “We found that out because the old one said she didn’t want to do it anymore. She didn’t have the cart that she had in the room and she didn’t have the popcorn machine.”

Under the leadership of Ruth LeCompte, a third-grade English and science teacher, students take on the role of journalists covering the events and happenings around Lee Elementary. LaCompte says the small, but mighty group of writers and photographers work to publish two print editions each year. The publication’s most recent edition features profiles of new teachers and faculty done by students, as well as news of the arrival of a breakfast cart and coverage of a Veteran’s Day school event.

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