So. Berkshire school panel to investigate vaping risks

GREAT BARRINGTON—  Vaping is a growing trend nationwide and also
among teens in Berkshire

The annual Prevention Needs Assessment
Survey distributed by the Berkshire
United Way 
shows that 43 percent of high school seniors in Berkshire County
self-reported to have used e-cigarettes during their lifetime.

Amid an outbreak of vaping-related
illnesses across the country, the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee
plans to weigh in on the dangers that vaping, either nicotine or cannabis
products, could pose to its students.

The topic was raised at the conclusion of
the committee’s Sept. 12 meeting by committee member Dennis Sears.

“We now know that vaping has gone from dangerous to being deadly,” said Sears. “I think this is a horribly serious problem and it’s a very tough one.”

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