So. Berkshire School District feels it’s being short-changed by state funding calculations

By Hannah Shirley
SHEFFIELD — Following budget frustrations, representatives from the five member towns of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District agreed that if they were going to get the attention of the state they needed a plan of action.
“We need to do some advocacy for this group, because we are slipping through the cracks,” district superintendent Beth Regulbuto said.
For FY20, the district was allocated $13,400 through the state’s Chapter 70 program to help fund school operations. This evens out to approximately $20 for each of the district’s 668 students.
Following the Chapter 70 announcement, it became clear SBRSD would not receive approximately $70,000 in expected aid through the state’s new Rural School aid program, due to a last-minute change to the formula used to calculate which districts qualify.

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