Selectmen threaten chief with discipline for talking to Record

EGREMONT— Angered by Police Chief Erik Josephson’s published allegations that the town administration has pressured him to commit felonious acts, the Board of Selectmen has scheduled  a disciplinary hearing to be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 24.

At the Jan. 8 regular select board meeting, Vice Chairman George McGurn said the board’s concerns with Josephson’s performance began in the fall before his present allegations against the board members were made public.

“If (the allegations) are untrue, (Josephson) should be hung up and strung. If they are true, there should be indictments,” said Egremont resident Stephen Cohen, who is a lawyer and also a Record columnist. “It’s not a game. He’s not saying there are management problems; he is alleging there are corrupt criminal acts.”

Josephson was hired in April 2018 and notified the select board of his intent not to renew his contract which will expire June 30, in a letter dated Aug. 29, 2018. Earlier this month, Josephson told local reporters that it was because of pressure from the town administration to fix tickets, make cases go away and compromise his ethics.

“Think what this says to people who want to move to Egremont,” Cohen said. “Think of our bond rating.”

“He’s the police chief,” Cohen said. “If he can’t go to the district attorney’s office, no one can.”

At the Jan. 8 meeting, the select board also appointed a six-member police chief selection committee, which will work with the town’s human resource director Bill Tighe to explore candidates for the position in the upcoming months.

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