Rhythms of the rainforest: Amazonian healers share stories from their homeland through movement, song

(Emily Thurlow) Siã Damião and Busê Cosmo de Araujo Braz Kaxinawá embrace falling raindrops in Great Barrington on Monday.

Siã Damião and Busê Cosmo de Araujo Braz Kaxinawá live a long way away from Berkshire County.

In fact, their trek to the commonwealth took several days by three planes, a car and a boat.

But for the twin brothers of the Huni Kuî indigenous ethnic group living deep in the Amazon rainforest, the journey was part of their life’s journey.

Brothers Damião and Cosmo live with their wives, children and extended families in the village of Aldeia Caucho, which is situated within the Amazon rainforest on ancestral indigenous land that’s protected in Tarauacá, Acre, Brazil.

Damião left home for the first time last year to attend a conference for indigenous healers in Europe. Securing visas to travel this year was the first time Cosmo had ever left his village.

As healers, teachers and representatives of their people — more than 3,000 miles away — their recent stay in Berkshire County was part of a sacred mission to connect with other cultures.

“We wanted to come here to know this place,” said Damião of the Berkshires. “(The) purpose is of uniting everyone in the world.”

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