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What is Day + Night?

  • It’s a seasonal Calendar of Events published every Summer…Day + Night is a FREE monthly comprehensive calendar of events featuring event listings for local and regional Berkshire County Theater, Music, Comedy, Concerts, Live Music, Dance Classes & Workshops, Special Events and more.
  • It’s a Coupon Book…Day + Night is also a coupon book containing money saving coupons from businesses in and around the Berkshires. These coupons and a lot more can be found on our app Buzzstr8 – the area’s hottest new app for finding events and special offers throughout the Berkshires and beyond.
  • Day + Night is the Berkshires’ fastest growing and most exciting monthly publication that provides local events, stories, directories and GREAT special offer coupons from businesses throughout Berkshire County and beyond.
  • It’s Berkshire County’s only coupon and calendar book with hundreds of dollars in savings in both in the publication and even more savings on Buzzstr8.

Why advertise with Day + Night?

  • It’s Unique: Day + Night is truly unique  in it’s size. Measuring only 5.25″tall and 8″wide, Day + Night is extremely portable. It’s an easy to keep, carry and store almost anywhere publication making it easy to reference and re-reference all month long.
  • It’s Cool: Day + Night combines local and regional events, directories, features with money saving coupons/offers from local and regional businesses in an easy-to-use and understand format.
  • It’s Affordable: Day + Night offers cost effective and versatile advertising programs (instant, weekly, monthly, seasonally or annually) for any sized business and budget.

Advertising plans start as low as $25 per month…that’s less than $1 per day.

  • It’s Effective: Day + Night is placed in stores, hotels, restaurants and other high traffic areas throughout Berkshire County. We get your message in as many hands as possible.
  • Multi-Media Marketing: We can meet your local, regional and countywide marketing needs with instant, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual marketing packages and programs.
  • Buzzstr8 App: You’ll get your ad(s) placed on Buzzstr8 which helps bring more traffic to your business.


Getting Started…

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