Monument-Drury game suspended

NORTH ADAMS — It had all the makings of a classic. That is until humidity caused condensation to form on the court making the floor unsafe to continue playing. The Spar­tans held a 38-33 lead with 7:30 remaining in the third quarter when the game was stopped.

Play was halted 30 seconds into the third quarter after Graham Herrick (3 points) was fouled. Drury’s Scott McGuire slipped on the court trying to make a cut and turned the ball over to Herrick in the process., causing them to suspend the game.

The wet floor was a problem all night from the opening warm up layup lines before the game even started and was brought to the officials’ attention.

“We brought it to the ref­eree’s attention and we were actually concerned for player safety right from the opening warm ups,” said Spartans head coach Mike Saporito who said that his players were complaining about their lack of footing on the court during pregame shoot around and layups.

For the full story, pick up this week’s edition of the Berkshire Record.

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