Lenox petition would block all marijuana enterprises

(Record file photo) A cannabis growing facility.

LENOX — The Planning Board has listened to the concerns of voters and is bringing forth a revised bylaw for adult-use recreational marijuana businesses for its May 2 annual town meeting they hope will pass.

But after a resident presented a citizens petition to prohibit marijuana enterprises altogether, the board may have another hurdle besides a vote to overcome.

When the bylaw for adult-use recreational marijuana businesses was presented at the November town meeting last year, it did not receive support from two-thirds of registered voters in attendance, said Pamela Kueber, chairperson of the Lenox Planning Board. If it had been approved, the bylaw would have given the green light for retail marijuana shops to sell their products if they obtain a special permit in the town’s commercial zones along Pittsfield Road and permitted marijuana cultivators and processors in those zones and the Lenox Dale industrial zone by right.

“It was missed by between five and eight votes,” said Kueber.

At that same November town meeting, voters approved an extension for a moratorium on adult-use recreational marijuana commerce through June 30. Had the moratorium not been extended, retail marijuana establishments will default to similar uses within areas where retail activity is already permitted. Similarly, cultivation and processing business would default to the uses established in commercial and industrial zones.

Kueber is hopeful that the revisions made to the bylaw will help strengthen support needed for the vote.

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