Legal Notices: Week of 05-10-2019

Legal Notice

In accordance with the provisions of Mass General Laws,
Chapter 105A, Section 4 we will enter and sell miscellaneous personal property
from the following units: Unit 33B, rented by Allysa Siniawski, 65 Tyringham Road,
Lee, and unit #47C rented by James Kane, 140 East Street, Great Barrington. We
shall sell the contents at a private sale on May 24, 2019. The sale will occur
at B-Safe Storage Inc at 50 Run
Way in Lee,
MA 01238
phone (413) 243-6334. Contents consist of household goods, furniture, and
miscellaneous personal property. All property will be sold or disposed of
unless all storage and fees are paid in full.

5.10, 5.​17


Town of Alford

Conservation Commission

Notice of Public Hearing

Under provisions of MGL Chapter 131, section 40, a public
hearing will be held at the Alford
Town Hall on May 15 at
7:30 p.m. The purpose is the filing of a Notice of Intent by Daniel and Linda
Volpano for residential house development and driveway on West Road, Alford, Map 406, Lot 18.2.

Henry Flint

for the Conservation



Town of Mount

Notice of Public Hearing

The Planning Board of the Town of Mount Washington will hold a Public Hearing
on May 23, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall to consider the application of
Geneve Brossard and Pierre Chee for a Special Permit to construct a 26’x41’
garage and workshop at their residence at 237 East Street. In accordance with the
Mount Washington Zoning Bylaw §215-6.(7), this proposed building requires a
Special Permit for an accessory building exceeding 600 square feet. The
application may be viewed at the Town Hall, located at 118 East Street during the Town Clerk’s
office hours. Any person wishing to be heard on these matters, should appear at
the time and place designated.

Bill Short

Planning Board Chair

5.3, 5.​10





On Tuesday, May 21, 2019 there will be a public hearing at
7:15 p.m. at the Sandisfield Town Hall Annex at 66 Sandisfield Road, held by the
Sandisfield Conservation Commission on a Request for Determination of
Applicability filed by Paul Adams. Property located at 267 North Beach Plain Road, Sandisfield,
MA. The purpose of the RDA is
to determine if the above project is subject to the Wetlands Protection Act
accordance with the provisions of chapter 131, Section 40 of the Massachusetts
State Laws.


 Brenda Larson

Administrative Aide to





The Town of Sheffield
is seeking bids for Reclamation and Bituminous Concrete. The project consists
of various locations as specified in the bid documents. Bid prices shall
include all labor, equipment, and material for a complete in place product.

     All work is to be
completed Oct. 15, 2019. All materials and workmanship must meet MassDOT
specifications. Bid Documents and Specifications are available from the Board
of Selectmen’s office at (413) 229-7000, Ext. 152), Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

     Bids in sealed,
opaque envelopes shall be marked “2019 RESURFACING VARIOUS ROADS” and delivered
to the Board of Selectmen’s Office, Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, Sheffield, MA
01257 by May 24 at 2 p.m., at which time they will be publicly opened and read
aloud. Awarding Authority is the Board of Selectmen.

     Each general bid
shall be accompanied by a security or bond in the amount of 5 percent of the
bid price. The successful bidder must furnish a 100 percent performance bond
and 100 percent payment bond. The minority employee percentage rate to be
applied to this project will not be less than 5 percent in each class. Wage
rates are subject to the minimum wage rates as per M.G.L. Chapter 149 Section
26 to 27F, inclusive. No bidder may withdraw their bid for a period of thirty
days after the actual date of opening of the bids.

     The contractor
must be pre-qualified by MassDOT. Only bidders who are pre-qualified will be
able to receive Bid Package. Those who are not pre-qualified may obtain a bid
package for a fee of $50, refundable only upon becoming pre-qualified.

     This contract
will contain a price adjustment for bituminous concrete mixtures. Price
adjustments will be in accordance with MassDOT period price adjustments for Hot
Mix Asphalt. The base prices, dated April 17, 2019 are as follows:

     Liquid Asphalt:
$545.00 per ton, Diesel: $2.469 per gallon, Gasoline: $2.108 per gallon, Portland Cement: $120.46
per ton.

     The price
adjustment will be based on the variance from the Base Price to the Period
Price at the time the work is completed. The price adjustment must be reflected
on the invoice.

      The Town of Sheffield reserves the right to reject any
and all bids, to waive minor informalities or irregularities in any bid, and to
make an award in any manner consistent with the law and deemed to be in the
best interests of the Town.

David A. Smith, Jr.

Chairman, Board of



Town of Sheffield

Notice of Public Hearing

The Sheffield Conservation Commission will hold a public
hearing on Monday, May 20, 2019 at 7 p.m., in the first floor meeting room,
Town Hall, 21 Depot Square, regarding a Request for Determination of
Applicability, filed by Jen Recline for property on 115 Bow Wow Road,
Sheffield, in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 131, sec. 40.
The purpose of the hearing is to gather information regarding the proposed
project: Installation of a 20ft by 40ft pool to be located at the west end of
the property.

     The intention of
the applicant will be discussed in compliance with the Massachusetts Wetlands
Protection Act.

Donald Ward, III,