How many shops for marijuana should Great Barrington have?

(Emily Thurlow)
Malcolm Fink, vice chair of Barrington Planning Board.

GREAT BARRINGTON— The town may have signed a number of host community agreements with several retail marijuana enterprises, but that doesn’t mean they will all make it through the state’s vetting process.

Responding to resident concerns and approved vote from the May annual town meeting, members of the Planning Board and selectboard met last week to begin to address how to limit the number of retail recreational marijuana shops in Great Barrington.

Boards also tried to set goals and create discussion on a few issues that the boards often overlap, including, housing, economic development and inclusionary zoning.

While members of the two boards agreed that the state’s process would be vigorous and not all of the five marijuana enterprises that currently hold host community agreements would ultimately receive a final license to set up shop in town, some members expressed hesitance in establishing a numerical limit on the amount of retail marijuana sites.

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