High Minded pot merchants decide to forsake ‘church’ for new location

GREAT BARRINGTON — The former Methodist Church, dubbed by locals the “flying church” for being put up on stilts, may not be flying quite as high as many thought it would in 2019.

“High Minded, the group that was going into the flying church, have changed their plans. The owners have a meeting coming up about a new address,” Select Board Member Ed Abrahams told the Record.

Highminded LLC, a marijuana dispensary set to occupy the 19th century church, will be going into a different location.The reasons for the change of heart and  location are unclear. Company representatives could not be reached for comment..

The dispensary is to be located in the former Dempsey Physical Therapy building, located at 126 Main Street. The company notified the town of the change and as a result, will have to jump through the hoops all over again.

“Because they’re changing the location, they have to have another host agreement with the town, and they’re going to have to have another public hearing,” Abrahams said.

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