Egremont Select Board conducts budget negotiations

Egremont Board of Selectman Chairperson George McGurn and Vice Chair Lucinda Fenn-Vermeulen during the committee’s Feb. 11 budget meeting. Photo by Ted Remsnyder

EGREMONT – Last spring, registered voters approved $48,000 in funding to pave the expansive dirt parking lot in front of Town Hall. While that round of funding covered the first phase of the project, the town is now returning to taxpayers with a $70,000 proposal to finish the job.

At Egremont’s annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 5, residents will decide the fate of a second stage of funding to finish the half-completed parking lot.

The parking area outside of Town Hall is currently split between a rough, muddy unfinished surface and a freshly-paved area with a dozen spots that were completed last year.

At a Egremont Select Board budget meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11, Chairperson George McGurn said the paving project would go out to bid if voters approve the $70,000 project. The parking lot renovation could be resumed this summer or fall if voters approve the funding in May, said Select Board member Mary Brazie.

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