Egremont appoints 2 delegates to schools consolidation panel

neighboring school districts of Berkshire Hills and Southern
Berkshire have made it clear that formal discussions of a
potential district merger will begin this fall.

municipalities are selecting representatives who will have a seat at the table
in the town-centric conversations toward consolidation.

Egremont, George McGurn, current select board chairman, and Tom Berkel, a
current member of the finance committee, will serve as municipal
representatives, which was decided at the Friday, Aug. 30 select board meeting.

been very much for not limiting the discussions to just the high school and
that it really should be comprehensive with everything,” said McGurn. “People
have assumed that means I am pro-consolidation. I am pro putting all the cards
on the table and discussing it rationally.”

Although Berkel was not in attendance, select board member Lucinda Fenn-Vermeulen said she would speak on his behalf about where he stands on the topic.

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