E-cigarette use prevalent in South County high schools

By Joel Williams

Vaping is intended to help smokers quit cigarettes, but unfortunately, the trend has crept into the classroom, with many identifying it as a problem in their schools.

Lee Middle and High School Principal Gregg Brighenti said that the issue has become more prevalent this year as compared to last year.

“We had a little bit of it last year, but this year it really kind of ballooned up,” Brighenti said.

Cigarettes have become less common. Brighenti said the school hasn’t had an issue with cigarettes in years.

The devices that are most popular at the high school level are small and easily concealed. The Juul e-cigarette is one of the more popular models. The device can look like a USB drive to the untrained eye, even if it is much longer than a traditional USB device.

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Image credit: Team Vaping360

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