DA Harrington reaffirms that Sheffield family of 5 was murdered by husband

(Record file photo) Luke Karpinski and Justine Wilbur’s home in Sheffield shows firefighters responding to the early morning fire at 1343 Home Road, which revealed a deeper tragedy as firefighters continued to battle the blaze.

SHEFFIELD — As new details emerge, Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington reasserts that the assailant behind the deaths of a family of five in Sheffield was the father.

The evidence, she says, is “unequivocally” consistent with the original evidence suggesting that 41-year-old Luke Karpinski murdered his wife, Justine Wilbur, 41, and their three children, 3-year-old son, Marek, and 7-year-old twins, Alex and Zoe, and deliberately set fire to his home before killing himself.

Recently, investigative documents from the case were unsealed at Southern Berkshire District Court. Those documents included an affidavit to support a search warrant application by Massachusetts State Police detectives.

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