Council on Aging official in Sheffield chastised for unprofessional behavior

SHEFFIELD — Following a select board disciplinary hearing for Madonna Meagher, the town’s assistant to the executive director to the Council on Aging, she apologized for what was deemed unacceptable and unprofessional behavior and accepted that a written notice of such behavior would be placed into her file

The meeting was called on the basis of complaints about Meagher regarding her performance and duties at her position at the council.

The notice of the meeting did not specify why Meagher had been summoned other than the possible disciplinary action taken against her. However, it became clear that the topic of discussion was Meagher’s previous behavior at a Jan. 3 meeting between her superior, Kathie Loring, the executive director of the Council on Aging, and Rhonda LaBombard, the town administrator.

According to LaBombard, Meagher’s behavior at the meeting was unacceptable and unprofessional. LaBombard said that Meagher called her “petty” and “pathetic.”

However, Meagher defended herself and clarified her statements. Meagher said that she characterized the meeting itself as “petty” rather than labeling LaBombard as such. The outcome of the meeting was that Meagher would receive a letter of dissent from the town administrator to be put in Meagher’s file noting the unprofessional behavior.

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