Get outside to feel better

I’ve never seen my children so happy than during summer vacation. Taking strolls through the woods on hiking trails, trekking along rivers and lakes, fishing, bicycling, swimming, shooting sports, archery, paddleboarding and kayaking are some of the outdoor activities they especially enjoy partaking in during the summer months. Our eldest daughter’s birthday is near Christmas, […]

Five helpful apps to navigate the outdoors

We are a connected society. I totally admit that if I lost my phone, I would be lost myself. We use technology on a daily basis to manage schedules, pay bills, conduct banking business, communicate with others, search for information, find directions and shop. My children attend public school online. And even though we find […]

Great Outdoors: Annie, get your gun

Great Outdoors: Annie, get your gun

I grew up in the suburbs between Princeton and Trenton, New Jersey. If you think the gun laws in Massachusetts are restrictive, then you have never lived in Jersey. My flatlander friends and family are jealous that I possess a Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC). New Jersey’s firearm laws are among the most limited in […]

Great Outdoors: Educating the next generation

My father was a hunter, but growing up, he never really offered to teach or take my sister or me with him. Looking back, I’m not sure that we ever showed much interest in hunting at all, either. I don’t know about you, but at 13 years old, the idea of sitting in the woods […]

Great Outdoors: Beware the bug

My husband and I met hiking on the Battenkill River in Vermont, and since moving to the Berkshires we have enjoyed exploring various hiking trails woven throughout the Berkshire Hills with our family. Some of our favorites include Bash Bish Falls in South Egremont, Basin Pond in Lee, Beartown Mountain in Monterey and the Becket […]