Boards of health grapple with CBD ban

(Hannah Shirley)
Board of Health member Ruby Chang, left, and Health Inspector Locke Larkin.

GREAT BARRINGTON — Health departments across Massachusetts were blindsided last month when the state Department of Agricultural Resources banned the sale of some hemp products, including hemp-derived cannabidiol oil, a non-psychoactive ingredient of hemp better known as CBD, Great Barrington Health Agent Rebecca Jurczyk told the town’s Board of Health at their rcent meeting.

The health board, now charged with enforcing the surprise ban, received very little warning about the policy, Jurczyk said.

“When I say this is sudden, I mean we weren’t given any forewarning we would be charged with this authority,” she said. “This also puts some pressure on this board to get regulations on the books … it’s not fair to establishments to have health agents and inspectors go in and start issuing citations without some sort of regulations on the books.”

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