Baseball in the Berkshires open satellite exhibit in Lenox

Lenox resident Jessica Cote looks at pictures of Lenox High School Baseball teams from the 1990’s.

LENOX — On a miserable rainy Saturday afternoon, Lenox resident Jessica Cote and her family walked through the doors of the Lenox Historical Society to visit the brand new History of Baseball in Lenox satellite exhibit put on by the Baseball in the Berkshires Museum.

“I think it’s important, it might not be down, all the way at the bottom of the county but I think it can bring people in South County that aren’t going up to Lanesboro to still experience that baseball is a part of our county and this is where it originated. If people don’t know that they can learn something and hopefully people from South County will come to see this satellite exhibit,” said Cote on how important it is that there is a satellite exhibit in Lenox and South County.

The idea for a satellite exhibit in South County had been two years in the making, according to museum curator and historian Larry Moore. Originally they had committed to Sheffield but when Vickie Salvatore at the Lenox Historical Society asked Moore if they could come to Lenox for a satellite exhibit, after they were done with the 250th Birthday celebration of the town of Lenox last year, Moore agreed.

“We had committed to Sheffield and I had come in here looking for pictures and things like that, maybe a year and a half to two years ago and I met with Vickie and she said ‘well after we get away from the celebration they were having last year,’ she asked if we could come down and I said that we would love to do it and that’s why we are here,” said Moore on how the idea for a satellite exhibit in Lenox came to be.

The exhibit is in two rooms when you walk inside the Academy Building on Main Street in Lenox. On the left is a room dedicated to the history of baseball in Lenox and to the right, other photos and artifacts that are related to the history of baseball in other parts of Berkshire County.

The room on the left goes through 13 decades of baseball in Lenox starting in the 1890’s and finishing up in present day. There are pictures of nearly every Lenox High School baseball team to have played, drawing Cote to specific decades as she tried to find family and friends in team pictures.

For the full story pick up this week’s issue of the Berkshire Record.

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