Barrington voters say ‘woah’ to horse racing plan

GREAT BARRINGTON — It took about half an hour for the voters to put the horse racing issue out to pasture.

Voters rallied in favor of a home-rule petition voicing the town’s request to be heard at the legislative level and their collective disapproval of the return of thoroughbred horse racing to the Fairgrounds.

The special town meeting held for the single warrant article saw the motion pass “virtually unanimously”, according to Town Moderator Michael Wise. A total of 292 registered voters checked in to vote at the Wednesday, Dec. 10 special town meeting, according to Great Barrington Town Clerk Jennifer Messina.

The home-rule petition will request the Great Barrington’s representatives in the General Court to introduce legislation requiring approval of a horse racing license at both an annual town meeting and by a majority ballot vote.

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