Amplifying understanding: students find cultural connections through music

(Emily Thurlow) Participants in Music in Common’s Amplify Berkshires program at Berkshire School, include: Maddy Bronson, Hailey Peters, Darby Taylor, Haley Trapella, Art Beck, Olivia Davis, Trey Carlisle and Wyatt Beckley.

SHEFFIELD — In less than a single day, eight students hailing from both shores of the U.S. wrote and performed a song together.

The high school and college students, aging in range from 15 to 20, met on July 7 at Berkshire School as part of Music in Common’s only audition-based program, Amplify Berkshires. And on July 9, the students were already performing a song they had created together, called “Shine Through.”

“Less. Than. A. Day. Less than a day! We did what? Wrote a song in less than a day!” students chanted during a workshop/jam session of sorts on Tuesday, July 9.

“We met each other like two days ago and we’re communicating like we’ve known each other much longer,” said Haley Trapella, of West Cornwall, Connecticut. “But that’s just it. We’re communicating.”

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