Tina Packer, the driving power

(Emily Thurlow) Tina Packer, featured above.

LENOX — All the world’s a stage and in Tina Packer’s world, the play’s the thing.

Born in England in 1938, the spotlight found Packer at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where she won the Ronson Award for most outstanding actor and graduated from in 1964.

Writing, in particular, she says, is where she comes most alive.
Following graduation, Packer’s work then led her to become an associate artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

She has also worked at the Royal Court in London; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicester, Coventry and Hornchurch repertory companies. For BBC Television, she played Dora to Ian McKellen’s David Copperfield, was a love interest for Patrick Troughton’s Doctor Who, and also performed in several other TV plays and series. Because the United Kingdom is much smaller than the U.S., Packer said that the transition from film to the stage to TV wasn’t hard.

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