Advertising Sales Manager

Limestone Communications, the award-winning publisher of two weekly newspapers, The Berkshire Record and The Berkshire Courier, and a monthly magazine, The Berkshire View, as well as regional seasonal magazines, is seeking an Advertising Sales Manager to join its growing staff.

Qualifications: Ideal candidates must possess strong leadership skills, be able to recruit, train and manage sales staff for our newspapers, magazines and specialty publications. Candidates must have extensive sales experience and preferably managerial experience, as well in print media.

Job Duties: The successful candidate must be well organized, detail oriented and be prepared to sell as well as manage advertising sales staff. Job duties include:
• Sales
• Sales Training/Mentoring
• Recruitment
• Special Projects Management

Availability: Position is available now. Candidate must be available for an in-person interview in Great Barrington, MA. Send resume to