Brand new Egremont cop quits after being ordered to investigate police chief

EGREMONT — A previously undisclosed letter of resignation from former Police Officer Shawn Boyne provided to the Record explains his reasons for abruptly leaving the department after just one week on the job.

In late November 2018, Boyne submitted his resignation to the Board of Selectmen. The reason Boyne gave was not made public at the time. Rumors swirled around town that Boyne had been ordered to investigate Chief Erik Josephson. Boyne, at that time, was a newly hired probationary  patrol officer.

The resignation letter opbtained by the Record confirms that Boyne was uncomfortable being ordered to investigate his superior, the chief, and that prompted his resignation.

Bruce Turner, chairman of the select board, said this week that it was the town’s personnel director, Bill Tighe, who ordered Boyne to investigate the chief.

In his outgoing statement, Officer Boyne stated, “It was never my intent to have this opportunity meet such demise. As noted, I was not comfortable with the assignment to investigate the ‘Chief of police.’ I am confident my background and experience in such matters has afforded a competent finding of fact regarding the allegations, however the situation and my employment status as a ‘probationary patrolman,’ at the time of said assignment, was highly unconventional,” Boyne wrote.