Egremont police chief says he won’t renew his contract

EGREMONT — The town’s police chief, Erik Josephson, has disclosed that when his contract expires in June he does not plan to ask to have it renewed.

Whenh asked why, the chief replied. ““I am supposed to be able to run the department as I see fit. They’re interfering in the day-to-day.”

“This is not what I signed on for,” said Josephson, repeating quotes that he has made publicly.  “I don’t fix tickets. I don’t make cases disappear. I don’t compromise my ethics for anything. I’m not comfortable with how they handled the ‘wire tapping.’ The political overreach was too much.”

Josephson is the latest and most high-ranking member of a department that has been besieged by wholesale departures in the last year. Chief Josephson took office in early 2018 and before the end of the calendar year he sent his notice to the town’s select board.

Sources say that Josephson has been upset with how the select board governs the town. Sources also say that Josephson feels the select board interferes too often with the department and that the select board wants the department run a certain way, regardless of what Josephson may believe is right. Josephson could not comment on such allegations.