Fiber-optic installations under way in parts of downtown Barrington

GREAT BARRINGTON — Businesses and residents have waited for a long time. But now the waiting is over.Fiber-optic cable installation has begun.

Fiber Connect of the Berkshires, a regional service provider, expects residents and business owners to begin taking advantage of the new developments by the beginning of 2019.

Most of Main Street, Castle, and Bridge Streets will be wired with the new cable, however, businesses and residents on Railroad Street will likely have to wait until the spring due to upcoming sidewalk renovations. Great Barrington joins other South County towns, like Egremont and Monterey, in installing and making fiber-optic cable available for residents and businesses. Almost a year ago, back in February, the town officials struck an accord with Fiber Connect to wire and install fiber optic cable throughout downtown. In general, with fiber optic hardware, internet speeds will increase dramatically. Bringing fiber optic internet to Great Barrington has been on town manager, Jennifer Tabakin’s wishlist for years and now it finally has the green-light to begin installations.

According to a fiber optic internet, hardware and software experts, “Fiber-optic internet is generally faster than other types of internet. Fiber-optic technology allows for more data to be transferred in a shorter amount of time than older internet technology, like cable and DSL. For internet users, this higher data-transfer rate results in faster load times, higher-quality streaming, and a better internet experience overall.”