Traffic engineer recommends roundabout at Red Lion intersection

STOCKBRIDGE — With a long awaited traffic study of Main Street now in hand, transportation experts recommended that the town move to install a roundabout at the South Street intersection (by the Red Lion Inn) and to modify the East Street intersection to a tee, both of which have seen high amounts of crashes in recent years.

Stockbridge’s downtown is where Route 7 (South Street) meets Route 102 (Main Street). The two routes become one on the road from Stockbridge’s Main Street to the Mass Pike’s Exit 2 in Lee.

“If you want to make a huge safety benefit sometimes you’re going to have give a little, and that comes down to even the operations of an intersection,” traffic engineer Juliet Locke of the firm VHB told the town at an unveiling of the study results. “We might not be making it operate better (as in faster) but if we can make it operate safer that is the major goal.”

Locke and town administrator Danielle Fillio said they would shortly be putting up the report onto the town’s website.

These two intersections each have recorded more collisions than 95 percent of the intersections in Berkshire County in the past five years: 25 crashes at each, Locke said. Similarly, Locke said that under the grading typically used by traffic engineers both of the intersections would receive an “F” rating by the standards of unsignaled intersections.