Democrats gather in Pittsfield to endorse Harrington

PITTSFIELD — On Monday, October 1, Maura Healey visited the Democratic Coordinated Headquarters of Pittsfield on North Street to endorse Andrea Harrington for Berkshire county District Attorney. Healey and Harrington were joined by other Democratic leaders from around the county, such as Mayor Linda Tyer of Pittsfield and Tricia Farley-Bouvier member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from the 3rd Berkshire District.

Tyer introduced Healey while standing in front of about two dozen supporters. “As you all know the attorney general has been a friend of Pittsfield and the Berkshires,” said Tyer of Healey, “She has worked hard on the opioid crisis, she has been with us when we challenged Eversource and their rate case, she stood with us and still is standing with us on Charter and Spectrum and the challenges we’re facing, big corporations, she stands with us. She really is the attorney for the people. It is my real privilege to be able to welcome Maura Healey to Pittsfield for today’s special announcement.”

“It is my great honor and great privilege to introduce Maura Healey who will have a special announcement for today,” Tyer said. Tyer was inaugurated as Mayor of Pittsfield in January 2016 and is the first mayor to be elected to a four-year term.

Healey addressed supporters of Harrington and her own supporters as she hopes for re-election. “Today I am here in particular for Andrea Harrington, I think about four years ago, and I think about how I was somewhat of an outsider to a race and a lot of people had told me at that time to wait my turn that it wasn’t my time and I’m proud that we were able to get through that, I’m really privileged to have served the last four years and I hope to continue to serve as your attorney general.”

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