Stockbridge Bowl advisory lifted; clear of algae

STOCKBRIDGE — Four weeks and one rerouted triathlon later, the Stockbridge Bowl has been deemed ready for recreation again and clear of toxic algae.

“The advisory has been lifted, and there’s no traces of cyanobacteria,” said executive director James Wilusz of the Tri-Town Health Department, which serves Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge.

The advisory was lifted on September 21, after the bloom was deemed to have dissipated and two weeks of consecutive testing showed the water to have a concentration of the toxic algae that was well below the state’s threshold for concern. It’s now safe to swim in the bowl again.

The Board of Health had issued an advisory cautioning residents to stay clear of the water in the bowl originally on August 31 with the caveat that testing was pending, and then when testing by state officials showed that the large blooms of algae consisted of toxic algae called cyanobacteria the board dashed “testing pending” from the advisory to make clear that there was a threat.

The advisory forced the annual Josh Billings RunAground triathlon to reroute its boating portion to Richmond Pond.

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