Edible froggies fairly leaping off the shelves

MILL RIVER — The Mill River General Store, in Mill River, one of the five villages of the town, has sold cannabis edible gummy candies since June. These candies, called On the Go Froggies are manufactured in the shape of a frog and contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. The manufacturer is Green Roads World, which produces both CBP and hemp products.

The On the Go Froggies, or simply, “Froggies” are sold wholesale in large plastic jars carrying around 20 individually wrapped CBD infused gummy candy. There are five different flavors and each contains 25mg of CBD. The froggies are designed to relieve stress and body aches and pains.

Owner of the Mill River General Store, Jessica Holcomb, explained that at first some people were hesitant, but “I think that people are starting to realize the benefits of it and are starting to try it. We just got through summer so we had an out-of-state clientele that was excited to be able to purchase them within a store because wherever they’re coming from it may not have hit the mainstream yet,”

The froggies are very popular with local residents and Holcomb has “gone through five of these containers,” which look similar to a plastic cookie jar.

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