Edible froggies fairly leaping off the shelves – App Only

By Theodore Nappo

MILL RIVER — The Mill River General Store has sold edible cannabis gummy candies since June.

These candies, called On the Go Froggies are manufactured in the shape of a frog and contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. The manufacturer is Green Roads World, which produces both CBP and hemp products.

The On the Go Froggies, or simply, “Froggies” are sold wholesale in large plastic jars carrying around 20 individually wrapped CBD infused gummy candy. There are five different flavors and each contains 25mg of CBD. The froggies are designed to relieve stress and body aches and pains.

Owner of the Mill River General Store, Jessica Holcomb, said that at first some people were hesitant, but “I think that people are starting to realize the benefits of it and are starting to try it. We just got through summer so we had an out-of-state clientele that was excited to be able to purchase them within a store because wherever they’re coming from it may not have hit the mainstream yet,”

The froggies are very popular with local residents and Holcomb has “gone through five of these containers,” which look similar to a plastic cookie jar.

Although each individual edible contains 25mg of CBD, not all people feel the effects the same way. “Everybody’s body chemistry is different,” Holcomb said, “These are each 25mg, so sometimes 25mg doesn’t do anything to anybody but sometimes the response that I’ve had from regular customers who use them is mainly for lower back pain, that’s where I’m finding most of the customers are coming for.”

The residents of Mill River and New Marlborough are on the older side and the population has been in decline in recent years.

However, across the board, the General Store’s froggies are popular with all age groups and are popular for both locals and tourists.

“At first they were looking around and I had to say, ‘It’s ok, it’s not weed,’” she said, explaining the hesitancy at first of some of the older customers. “It’s not like not you’re lighting up a joint, it’s a small candy that, if it can help relieve pain for and you can still function without psychedelic affect then it’s a win-win.”

Much of the hesitation at first was due to the common misconception that edible CBD infused products are the same as marijuana products.“It would more likely be classified under cannabis, not marijuana. Marijuana is the plant or flower,” Holcomb said, clarifying the difference between the two substances.

At the Mill River General Store, Holcomb also sells different creams and oils that contain larger amounts of CBD, ranging from 50-100mg.

Holcomb purchased the business last Spring and is one of the many owners of its near-200 year history. Dave Herrick, the store’s previous owner, operated the Mill River General Store for over 25 years and sold it to Holcomb because he was ready to retire.