Stockbridge voters will have failsafe option to extend marijuana moratorium

By Christopher McDermott

STOCKBRIDGE — Voters will likely have a failsafe option of extending their marijuana moratorium if they turn down town leadership’s plans to allow and regulate marijuana establishments at an upcoming special town meeting on September 24.

At their September 5 meeting, the Select Board voted to add the moratorium article on the special town meeting warrant.

This new article is scheduled to be voted on at the meeting immediately after town leadership’s proposed articles to regulate marijuana, which would restrict marijuana manufacturing establishments to the industrial park and forbid marijuana retailers downtown from being located within 25’ of places that children congregate. The moratorium vote would be moot if the proposal passes.

Resident Christine Rasmussen suggested the moratorium. She said she expected leadership’s proposal to be approved, but said the town should include an extra option if it doesn’t. State law says that towns without their own marijuana regulations will have to accept the state’s default, more lax regulations.

“I think it will probably pass but I’m just cautious about the impact that it could have if it didn’t,” Rasmussen said.

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