Altercation outside Warren event leads to anger management but no trial

By Christopher McDermott

GREAT BARRINGTON — A Hillsdale, New York man will have to undergo a 10-week anger management program and pay $150 in fines after he allegedly pushed a megaphone into the face of a controversial opposition candidate outside of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s town hall event at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in July.

The Commonwealth’s case against Paul David Solovay, 74, of Hillsdale, New York, for misdemeanor assault and battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct was continued without finding for 60 days (which will effectively be a probation period).

Judge Paul Vrabel noted that $150 in fines is equal to the maximum that Solovay would have faced from the disorderly conduct charge.

On July 22, Solovay was caught on video pushing a bullhorn-style megaphone into the face of independent U.S. senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, who had been calling out to the crowd waiting to get into Warren’s town hall, accusing them of being racists. Ayyadurai called Warren a “scumbag lawyer” and said she wasn’t doing enough for the people of Massachusetts or to address poverty among black residents of Boston.

The confrontation was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube by one of Ayyadurai’s supporters. On the video, Ayyadurai and a few others could be heard chanting “Lock him up” as Solovay was taken away by police.

As the July 22 video continues, Ayyadurai says into his megaphone to the crowd outside the Mahaiwe, “What you just witnessed is how you white supremacists react when you don’t want to hear the truth from a dark-skinned Indian guy, the same guy you say you want to help. Wake up. Wake the f*** up.”

So long as he meets the judge’s conditions, Solovay will not have to stand trial. He has no criminal record.

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