Sheffield could soon be the site of two marijuana cultivation facilities

By Joel Williams

SHEFFIELD — The town may be getting not one, but two marijuana cultivation facilities.

One, for Hennep Inc., is currently in the public hearing phase, and intends to take residence in the Sheffield Business Park on the south side of town. The 5,000-square-foot site would be host to a modest growing facility for recreational marijuana.

“It’s a 5,000-square-foot building that the Koudijs family proposes—Andrew Koudijs, who’s going to be the CEO—is to have a small cultivation facility, and a small manufacturing facility to produce the products that come from the cultivated plant,” Ezra Parzybok, a cannabis consultant, said at Hennep’s May 1 public hearing.

The marijuana grown in the Hennep building would likely in part supply the company’s proposed recreational shop in Provincetown; however representatives from Hennep expressed interest in speaking with Berkshire Welco, a soon to be recreational marijuana retailer in Sheffield.

For the full story, pick up an issue of this week’s Berkshire Record.

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