Select Board seeks amendment on marijuana cultivation bylaw

By Christopher McDermott

GREAT BARRINGTON— The select board gave final necessary approvals to the town meeting warrant’s nonfinancial items, but the members are still hoping to amend some proposed marijuana cultivation bylaws on the town meeting floor.

The select board and the town’s Planning Board are in disagreement about what the rules on marijuana growing establishments should look like. The select board is asking for more zoning situations (such as in residential areas of more than five acres) to require potential cultivators get a special permit than the planning board has written in its current proposal.

The two elected boards also disagree on which of the two should have the power to grant those special permits; with each of them wanting to be that authority.

The rest of the warrant items were approved by the select board without much discussion; only Article 20 had controversy — with the select board ultimately voting to approve that the article appears on the warrant but making a point to state that the select board does not recommend the current version of that proposed bylaw.

For the full story, pick up an issue of this week’s Berkshire Record.

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