Lenox Planning Board scraps short-term rentals bylaw at the eleventh hour

By Joel Williams

LENOX — With newfound uncertainty, the Planning Board has withdrawn a warrant article to regulate short term rentals.

The decision came just 24 hours before the select board was set to approve and finalize the warrant article, and just a day after town counsel warned of the issue of “grandfathering,” which would mean that short- term rentals in operation prior to the bylaw would have a degree of immunity from the regulations. However, town counsel recommended splitting the bylaw, placing the requirement for registrations and inspections put into the town’s general bylaws, which would require grandfathered rentals to be inspected and registered.

Planning Board member Kameron Spaulding didn’t see the problem, saying, “I don’t think this letter has any impact on the bylaw that we’ve written.”

For the full story, pick up an issue of this week’s Berkshire Record.

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