Hinds discusses Berkshire rail and EPA at Sheffield town hall

SHEFFIELD — The town’s Democratic Committee hosted state Sen.Adam Hinds, D-Pittsfield, Monday night for a town hall event at the Bushnell Sage Library, the first of a series.

Ben Hillman of the Sheffield Democratic Committee (and former campaigner for Hinds), introduced the senator.

“I’d like to start by telling you briefly about Adam, in case you don’t know anything about him. Adam Hinds was born with a full head of hair in Greendale, Massachusetts,” Hillman joked, eliciting a good deal of laughter from the packed library basement, as well as Hinds himself.

Hillman highlighted Hinds’ history as a United Nations negotiator in the Middle East, a job he had for ten years, and his subsequent work in the community after his return from negotiations.

For the full story, pick up an issue of this week’s Berkshire Record.

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