O’Brien trucking company, town attorneys will enter negotiations

GREAT BARRINGTON — As a second night of arguments drew to a close, the opposing attorneys representing trucking businessman Gary O’Brien and the town’s zoning enforcement officer each agreed to try negotiating terms to resolve a longstanding dispute over what is allowed at O’Brien’s Roger Road property.

O’Brien’s attorney Paul Feldmen had been arguing before Great Barrington’s Zoning Board of Appeals  to overturn a cease-and-desist order issued in November by town zoning enforcement officer and building inspector Edwin May. Feldmen contends that none of O’Brien’s trucking operations violate a 1996 agreement for judgment upon which May based the cease-and-desist order.

For months, residents of Blue Hill Road and Roger Road near O’Brien’s trucking operations have complained to town leadership that the trucks are an “industrial siege” on their neighborhood, particularly by waking them up late at night.

One longtime resident, Roger Belanger, said that even though there have been trucking operations out of that property for decades, it’s recently been particularly disruptive as O’Brien’s business has grown.

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