Monterey will meet with MBI again about broadband plans

MONTEREY — Town leaders agreed to a March 15 deadline for coming back to the state’s Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) with plans for moving forward in a broadband installation plan likely revolving around Berkshires-based startup Fiber Connect. The town still hopes to get a $1.2 million state grant towards it getting it a fully-connected network.

Monterey’s select board and broadband committee met on Feb. 16 with MBI’s chair Peter Larkin and deputy director Ed Donnelly to work out a plan specific to the town.

At the meeting’s outset, Monterey Select Board Chairman Steven Weisz said that he had four goals for the town’s broadband network: that it be affordable, sustainable (as in, the business servicing it be around in several years), that it come in a reasonable amount of time and that it be receptive to future technology.

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