Pipeline protesters come before the judge to dispute trespassing

Protesters and state police retold their accounts from months of protest around Kinder Morgan’s work near Sandisfield in a two-and-a-half-hour court session at Southern Berkshire District Court on Jan. 30.

Assistant District Attorney Caitlin Shugrue represented the Commonwealth. None of the defendants had a lawyer and so represented themselves, which at times presented a situation where they would be cross-examining the officers who had arrested them. Vrabel overruled objections from Shugrue at several times and said he was giving extra “leeway” or “latitude” to the defendants because they were without a lawyer.

Four were charged with trespassing in relation to an Oct. 5 incident near a valve spring on Cold Spring Road: Susan Baxter, Rema Loeb, Fergus Marshall and Antoine American Horse.

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