Real southern barbecue, right here in South County

SHEFFIELD – Interested in truly southern barbecue but turned off by the 13-hour drive or the $300 plane ticket required to get it? Don’t worry – just make a pit stop along Main Street.

There, in a squat building with red bottle cap emblazonments, nestled between a liquor store and a church, sits Bash Bish Brew and ‘Que.

The barbecue joint’s menu hangs in the glass front just above a black pig cutout that shows if the restaurant is open or not. And the menu is littered with southern favorites: pulled pork platters, behemoth brisket, succulent sausage, melty mac n’ cheese and creamy collards. The place even offers pizza, burgers, nachos and loaded fries for those with a barbecue aversion.

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