Egremont selectmen question legality of closing town school

South Egremont Schoolhouse

EGREMONT — The town’s Board of Selectmen has decided to seek advice from legal counsel before proceeding on the Southern Berkshire School Committee’s proposed plan to suspend the elementary program at the South Egremont Schoolhouse.

News of the proposed suspension comes just months after the town approved approximately $250,000 in repairs and upgrades to the schoolhouse.

“Apparently there is some consideration about placing the South Egremont Schoolhouse in hiatus for the next year, which essentially is in violation of the school agreement,” stated Charles Flynn, who chairs the Board of Selectmen. Flynn stated at the top of the Monday evening’s discussion in Town Hall that while he is also a school committee member for the Southern Berkshire district, he would be speaking as a town resident and selectman.

As noted in this week’s edition of the Record, the Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee passed the proposed fiscal year 2017-2018 budget on March 9 by a vote 7-2.

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